Balakrishna Ruler's closing report!

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Nandamuri Balakrishna's Ruler film is not able to stay at theatres till Sankranthi as the film is getting replaced by new releases and other films quick and fast.

Movie failed to gain any kind of word of mouth except for a bad film, unanimously. Even though producer tried to say that Piracy is the major issue, for their film losses, movie collected only Rs. 7.60 Crores share in 9 days and it includes GST returns, Share Guarantee and Minimum Guarantee amounts as well.

The movie is an example of how Balakrishna lost his market with continuous disasters from past few years and he needs to change his scripts as soon as possible.

Area              Share (in Rs.)

Nizam             1.81 Cr
Ceded             2.04 Cr
UA                0.56 Cr
Krishna           0.42 Cr
Guntur            1.50 Cr
East              0.50 Cr
West              0.42 Cr
Nellore           0.35 Cr

Total AP/TS       7.60 Cr

USA               0.56 Cr
Rest              1.12 Cr

Total Worldwide   9.28 Cr

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