Babu's Order - Be At Amaravati On April 22nd!

Confidence appears like Over-Confidence when results go terribly wrong. That is why the head of a political party need to plan every move prior to the counting of votes with utmost care. Unnecessary hungama might bring new headaches but TDP Leadership is in no mood think in that way.

Although it looked like a tough fight between TDP and YCP, There was a feeling that Main Opposition have the best chance to form the government in 2019. Even the balanced behaviour of YS Jaganmohan Reddy gave that kind of an impression to the public

Caretaker CM Chandrababu Naidu took an interesting decision. He ordered all the MLA and MP Candidates of TDP to reach Amaravati on April 22nd to review the polling trends.

Within TDP, There were mixed reactions on the way of functioning of Chandrababu Naidu since the polling day. Some of the Leaders are of the opinion that it's better to wait patiently till May 23rd. They fear unnecessary hungama would make them face the embarrassment if the results go against the judgement. There is nothing wrong about having confidence on the victory but projecting 150 seats for TDP should have been avoided. Better if TDP Supremo conducts the review meeting post the announcement of election results.