Baahubali Webseries Did Not Impress Netflix?

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Baahubali is a different beast altogether. People loved the characters and the way, SS Rajamouli presented them. But the same thing is not working on other platforms.

Star India tried to produce TV series with the similar characters, but that failed to connect with audiences. Amazon Prime came up with animated series but that did not work out.

Now, Netflix officials did not like the episodes that Baahubali makers have produced for them, as webseries, it seems.

While they are asking for changes, the producers are not showing interest in re-working on them it seems. They took Deva Katta to write and direct few episodes, which were approved by SS Rajamouli at script stage.

Netflix gave the makers lavish budget of 100 crores but they did not like the output it seems. They even fired the executives who did not quality check, say reports.

Well, Baahubali was projected as India's Star Wars but it did not work on digital platform or Satellite or even books did not become as popular as the team expected them to be. May be they need to re-work on the brand with Rajamouli.