Only 4 candidates get up to 10000 votes

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That Pawan Kalyan was handed out a benumbing shock is well-known. He has just one MLA and he himself has lost from both the seats he had contested from. But, what about his allies - the BSP and the Left parties? Less said the better.

Pwan had wooed BSP's Mayawati and gave her all the SC reserved seats to her. Mayawati had even campaigned for her candidates. Pawan fell at her feat so many times that this became a hot topic of discussion. All this was aimed at garnering the Dalit votes. This was also seen as an attempt to undercut the Dalit support to the YSRCP. This was also believed to be part of Chandrababu's grand plan to defeat the YSRCP.

The Communists have contested seven seats each. The BSP contested 20 seats.  But, only four candidates could manage to get at least 10000 votes. Only in Mangalagiri, Undi, Rampachodavaram and Vijayawada central did the Left Parties could get 10000 seats. The left parties which had hoped to enter the Assembly courtesy Pawan Kalyan. But, all their hopes are now belied.

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