BJP Warns Maharashtra Party Leaders?

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The BJP party is certainly not happy with the result of the election results in Haryana and Maharashtra. Though the party managed to get the majority in Maharashtra, that will not help them to form the government. Not only Maharashtra, but the election results in other states also are not what the party expected before the elections.

It has been reported that the BJP party is not happy with the statements given by the Maharashtra BJP leaders. On one hand, the BJP is trying to convince the Shiv Sena party to accept their offer. On the other hand, statements given by Fadnawis and other leaders are making the situations even worse. Due to Fadnawis's comments, the meeting which was supposed to take place between BJP and Shiv Sena got canceled.

According to the media reports, the BJP party has strictly warned the party leaders to keep their silence on this issue. They were also ordered to not say anything about this matter until Amit Shah takes any decision.

It has been widely reported that BJP is aiming to make Fednawis first than convincing the Shiv Sena. If Fednawis completes his swearing ceremony, it will kill some time to prove their strength in Assembly and by then BJP will convince Shiv Sena to support them reportedly.

Following this, the BJP has passed instructions to its leaders to not say anything on this reportedly. They are planning to sort out the issues in chronological order. Only after the official statement, we can get more information on this suspense

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