BJP To Target Singareni Voters Now!!

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The new-found confidence in the BJP is showing in its moves. The party has decided to go ballistic now. It's latest is the present and former employees of the Singareni coal mines. The party has chalked out a massive door -to -door contact programme among the coal belt. It feels the time is ripe to reach out to the coalmine workers and win their confidence.

The coalmines workers of critically important in 12 assembly constituencies in six districts. The districts where miners play a key role are Bhadrachalam, Jaishanker Bhupalpally, Mancheriyal, Khammam, Peddapally and Komuram Bheem Asifabad districts. There are over 50000 employees and over a lakh-and-a-half ex-employees of the Singareni collieries living in these districts and they form a sizeable chunk of voters.

The BJP has realised that the KCR had made several promises to the coalminers in the runup to the elections, but has done precious little for them. There is widespread disenchantment with KCR among the workers. As a result, the BJP wants to reach out to them and channelize the discontent into support for itself. It will be interesting to see how the coalminers will react to these moves.

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