BJP To Get A New State President For Telangana?

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Some media reports emerged that BJP Telangana state President K.Laxman might lose his position and a new President make take over the office very soon. Ever since the BJP lost the Municipal Polls in Telangana, many rumors emerged that he might get an MP seat and a new President will overtake his office.

In the Municipal polls, the performance of the BJP is not up to the mark what the Centre has imagined. With BJP getting National President and Assam state President the rumours got some fuel.

It has been widely reported that leaders like former Ministers DK Aruna and Jitender Reddy are in the list of the aspirants for the state president post. Though other leaders are awaiting this post, BJP might consider only the formers Ministers.

DK Aruna's name emerged in the list as her campaigning helped the BJP party win 1o wards where their opposition Congress hold a stronghold. This factor might favour the former Minister.

Some BJP leaders said that BJP is very happy with the performance of K.Laxman and he will continue his position as of now. Once the BJP makes any official statement all these airs will be cleared.
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