BJP Cannot Go To AP Voters Without Doing This

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The BJP has now focused itself on winning Andhra Pradesh. It has launched several plans and is trying to put in place several strategies. But, what it needs to do is to give clarity on the special status issue. Unless this is addressed, the party cannot make progress whether it likes it or not. The BJP played a key role in the bifurcation of the state and was in the forefront demanding special status to the state. When the Government of the day said it would give special status for five years, the BJP said it would give it for ten years.  But, it did not do in Modi 1.0 and there are no indications that it would be done in Modi 2.0.

The BJP, which has an absolute majority in Lok Sabha and is the largest party in Rajya Sabha, can easily give the special status.  So, it has to give the special status much in the same way the state was divided the state. More importantly, there is no use if the BJP holds caste wise meetings. For the people of Andhra Pradesh, the Congress and the BJP are one and the same. The Congress is already paying for dividing the state and the BJP too will pay for it.  The people will not forgive and forget the BJP's role in dividing the state. So, the only way out is to give special status. Then and then alone, it will be able to seek votes. The sooner it realises, the better it is for the BJP.


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