BJP MPs Want CRPF Protection In Telangana

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With the attacks on BJP MPs rising in Telangana, they are seeking help from the Central Government in providing security to them. Even the Central Government, it is being reported, is mulling providing CRPF protection to the BJP Mps in view of the threat perception.

The MPs, Nizamabad’s Dharmapuri Aravind, Adilabad's Soyam Bapurao and Karimnagar's Bandi Sajnay have recently been attacked by their rivals. There was stone pelting on Sanjay during the recent urban body polls. However, the police denied that there was any attack. Protesting against this, Sanjay has surrendered his security personnel and has sought Centre's support. The Central agencies, which probed into the incident, had reported that the MP was indeed attacked with stones.  Even Aravind was abused during the campaign and even during the election of the Mayor. As for Bapurao, his constituency is predominantly forested and is inaccessible. In view of these, the BJP government at the Centre feels that these MPs should be provided with CRPF protection.

Bandi Sanjay has already moved the Speaker by filing a contempt notice against the police officials of Karimnagar, who had grabbed the MP by his throat and manhandled him.
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