This BJP Leader Backs Jagan On Capital Issue

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There seems to be difference of opinion among leaders within the BJP over the 3 capitals proposal of the YCP Government. While Leaders like Kanna Lakshminarayana and Sujana Chowdary have opposed the change of capital, Vishnu Kumar Raju welcomed the announcement about shifting of capital.

Two days ago, BJP AP Chief Kanna Lakshminarayana staged a protest in Amaravati against the decision of YCP Govt to make Visakha an Administrative Capital. Vishnu Kumar Raju, on the other hand, not only gave a miss to the protest but also declared people are welcoming the decision taken by the State Government.

Vishnu Kumar Raju opined Visakhapatnam has got every right and necessary resources to become the Administrative Capital. He went on to say no other region in the state has got such a luxury. The Ex-MLA believes construction cost can be restricted if Visakha becomes the capital as there are enough structures required for administration. Mr. Raju added, 'YCP Government is saving hundreds of crores through Reverse Tendering. This fund can be used to construct remaining structures'.

Responding on YS Jagan remaining mum during Visakha tour, The Former Legislator said: 'Its a strategic move. As its a sensitive matter, Any statement could hurt the sentiments of people in other regions. He remained silent to rule out any scope for such a situation. I believe YS Jagan does justice to the Amaravati farmers'.

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