Ram Madhav Begins Operation Akarsh

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Already beleaguered, already down-in-the-dumps Congress Party now has another predator to contend with. Now the BJP too is poaching into the Congress. The BJP has deputed its senior leader and national general secretary Ram Madhav to lure senior Congress leaders into the BJP. The focus is on those who are virulently anti-TRS, but do not find any prospects in the Congress. So, Ram Madhav has already met Congress MPs Komatireddy Venkat Reddy and Revanth Reddy. The party has three MPs in the state and two of them are already in touch with the BJP. The only one left out is Uttam Kumar Reddy.

BJP insiders say that the party national leadership is focusing on the Reddys, the dominant caste in Telangana. Meeting Revant and Komatireddy is part of this strategy. It is being said that former MP Vivek, MLA Komatireddy Rajagopala Reddy and KCR's niece Kalwakuntla Ramya Rao have also met Ram Madhav. Sources say that these leaders see no future in the Congress in view of the complete rout of the party in the LOk Sabha elections. There are reports that even TDP leaders are in touch with Ram Madhav as the TDP is all but dead in Telangana.

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