Will This Be End For TDP?

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According to the media reports, former CM, TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu is again trying to have an alliance with the BJP party. Before 2019 he accused BJP and Narendra Modi of not helping AP and granting funds. He even went for campaigning for Congress not to vote BJP.

With BJP winning and TDP losing he suddenly took a U-turn. He started to please BJP leaders by saying, he did a mistake by going against BJP and making allegations against BJP and he has no issue with either Narendra Modi or Amit Shah.

But the BJP leaders were not happy with his statements, Amit Shah mentioned that the doors to TDP has closed and they were not interested to have an alliance with them(TDP).

According to the media reports, the BJP has passed instructions to AP BJP leaders to invite as many as leaders from TDP and weaken the party by welcoming all the strong leaders.

If everything goes as per the plans of BJP, TDP will never recover from this crisis. While many TDP leaders were accused in some of the other cases, remaining leaders are trying to join the BJP party.
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