BJP Central Ministers Not To Praise TRS Unnecessarily

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This time around, it's going to be different for the TRS. We have already said it and now it's happening. Yes. The BJP national leadership has directed all its Central ministers to ensure that they should not praise the TRS government or its leaders unnecessarily. The party directive comes in the wake of the experience during NDA 1.0. Whenever central ministers visit Hyderabad, even minor laudatory statements from them were used by the TRS. It used the media machinery to create an impression that the BJP ministers were praising TRS schemes. This caused lot of confusion among the local BJP unit . There were constant apprehensions as to whether there was some understanding between the central leadership and the TRS boss. This confusion was to prove very costly for the BJP during the assembly elections.

This time, the BJP leadership is making every effort to ensure that such confusion is not created and the TRS does not take advantage of it. So, it has issued a directive to all the ministers going on Telangana tours to be careful about what they are saying. They have been asked not to give an impression that they are praising or supporting the TRS government. They were also told to be in touch with the local BJP leadership and take their opinions into account.


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