Avanti Srinivas Vs Lokesh

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AP Minister Avanti Srinivas and former Minister Nara Lokesh indulged in a war of words while debating in the Three capitals bill in AP Legislative Council. Talking about the capital issue, Lokesh said having three capitals is like having the head in Vishaka, body in Amaravati and legs in Kurnool.

"CM did not go to the Capital Region for at least one day. The buildings in Amaravati were completed and if the capital gets shifted the public money invested there will be wasted. Administration related all the government offices should be in one place," Lokesh said.

While talking about the Three capitals decision Lokesh used 'Tuglaq' word which created a tense situation in the house.

These words did not go well with Minister Avanti Srinivas. He lashed out at Lokesh by addressing AP CM Jagan as Tuglaq.

We have decency, that's why we are addressing you as Lokesh. When TDP was in power both Naidu and Lokesh talked about Singapur, China, America and we are thinking about the backward areas. There is no end for the corruption did by TDP leaders in the name of Amaravati.

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