August Comes, TDP's Tension Rises....

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August is one month that the TDP dreads most. August is when the TDP goes into a tumult and faces party-threatening crises! In fact, within one year of the formation of the TDP government, second-in-command Nadendla Bhaskar Rao conspired with the Congress to topple NT Rama Rao. This happened in August. When NTR was dethroned again by Chandrababu Naidu in August 1994. Every August is a crisis time for the party.

Now that the August has begun, there is disquiet in the TDP camp. The party has lost power and lost very badly at that. It has just 23 MLAs, many of whom want to leave the party. It has no role in the national politics as it has just three MPs. Four of its six Rajya Sabha MPs have joined the BJP. Interestingly, all these things have happened in June and July itself. Chandrababu is clueless about what to do next and how to keep the flock together.

If sources are to be believed, several TDP leaders, mainly those from the Kapu community, might switch sides and join the BJP. Even senior leaders like Bonda Uma, who remained with the party even when it is out of power, are looking to leave the party. The question uppermost in the minds of the diehard TDP supporters is whether the TDP will weather this August or not.