August 15 Target For TDP, August 7 Target For BJP

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The BJP is getting ready to wipe off whatever remnants of the Telugu Desam Party that are there in Telangana. The party is all set to completely demolish the party units in Telangana districts including Mahabubnagar, Rangareddy and Medak. Party president Amit Shah has reportedly set a of August 7 to get all important TDP leaders from across Telangana into the TDP. Along with them, the party cadre would also be made to join the party. Thus, the TDP would become a thing of past and a maximum share of its votes would also get transferred to the BJP.

Already senior leaders like Chada Suresh Reddy, I Peddi Reddy and others have joined the party. BJP senior hands like Ram Madhav and Muralidhar Rao are talking to district and taluq level leaders and are extensively planning programmes to publicise the joining. In fact, Amit Shah himself would be in Telangana this time during the August 15-17 period and would officiate the joining of several senior leaders.

According to Amit Shah, the TDP should cease to exist by August 15 in Telangana. He has also set a of 18 lakh membership for the Telangana unit of the party. The whole machinery has been mobilised to reach out to the new people and make them members of the party. He told the lcal unit of the party that if they fail to achieve the by August 7, he himself would run the affairs of the party.