So, Did Cricketer KL Rahul Accept His Love Affair?

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KL Rahul found out very early in his career that he should keep his mouth shut or in control and shouldn't talk too much in "Koffee" discussions on TV.

The cricketer is now a permanent fixture in Indian Team for at least another year or two. If he can maximise his returns in the coming season, he may even become one of the most important players of Indian Cricket like Kohli, Rohit.

Anyways, the youngster has been in the news for his love affair with Sunil Shetty's daughter, Athiya Shetty. They did not give any clarity on gossips, till date.

They recently shared images from their holiday in Bangkok, with several other friends. But the tabloids are focusing on the couple and it seems like they have finally, indirectly, accepted their love in public.

At least, they might be hinting at how things are serious between them. Sunil Shetty loves cricket and Athiya loves a cricketer, it just seems like a love that passed through the generations, right?
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