Trailer Talk: Naga Shaurya's Aswatthama - Highly Engaging!

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From any trailer, we don't expect the plot to be revealed completely and we expect it to just tease and ask us to come to the theatre for full experience.

As there are many films coming out everyday, we don't think that every film will be coming up with a new story but we expect freshness for sure.

Naga Shaurya seems to have come up with an impressive fresh thriller, at least the theatrical trailer of Aswatthama promises so.

Movie is coming out on 31st January and it seems to have got the right mix of action and emotion to engage us through out.

Even though story is not new, the organic crime web seems to have handled well by the debutant director, Ramana Teja.

Majority of the trailer concentrated on the plot and Ghibran's background score seems to be an asset. If the film is as good as the trailer, it will definitely be the success that Naga Shaurya has been waiting for so long.

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