'Aswathama' Teaser: Racy And Compelling Thriller!

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Naga Shaurya's upcoming film 'Aswathama' is getting released on 31st January and the makers have released the teaser of the film which looks totally absorbing.

The teaser looks completely intriguing with racy narration and a lot of thrills. Naga Shaurya fits as an action hero perfectly with the rough look. The makers gave some interesting snippets in the teaser which raises the curiosity among the viewers. The dialogues in the background generate hype about the film's story line and the last shot which was a single take appears brilliant.

Production values by Ira Creations look very rich and cinematography by Manojh Reddy suits the tone of the film. BGM by Sricharan Pakala deserves a special mention. Director Ramana Teja and Naga Shaurya seems to have some with a gripping plot as per the trailer. Looks like, we are in for a racy action-thriller this 31st December.

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