As High It Raised, As Soon It's Fall too - Vijay Devarakonda's Market!

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It is really hard for us to write that an actor is struggling. That too, when we know how much a producer might have invested on him or her, believing in their judgement and bankability.

Even directors are at fault but in a star driven system, stars get the credit for hit or a flop. It is important that they take both sweet and sour news, with a grain of salt than point fingers and say, "How dare you?"

Vijay Devarakonda came up so quickly that before you could think about what happened and how he found such good scripts, we are even witnessing a sort of downfall.

Hope it is not the same case as Uday Kiran and Tharun. We want to see him comeback like Nani and Nithiin.

At this point of time, if he doesn't try to mend his ways quickly, the market seems to be in a rush to leave him behind. USA is the key market that lead him grow, so fast.

People there liked his acting and movies, so much that before local markets give him Geetha Govindam kind of huge success, producers saw him bankable and profitable, just looking at US numbers.

Yes, Pelli Choopulu has hit 1 Million Dollars at a time when, big heroes failed to reach that mark with huge films and popular directors.

Post that, Arjun Reddy cemented his market by hitting 1.5 Million Dollars and Geetha Govindam took it all to next level by crossing 2 Million Dollars, still a dream to some of his competitors.

Even his long delayed and piracy hit Taxiwaala made 760k at the US box office, which made the movie highly profitable. Mahanati also hit 2.5 Million mark, which he doesn't take credit for, but as a part of the film, he too gets some.

Now, his NOTA failed to cross 350k mark, his Dear Comrade did not cross 750k mark which was a cake walk for even Taxiwaala kind of film.

His recent release, World Famous Lover collected only USD 232k for the first weekend. It doesn't look like it has legs to cross 300k mark too.

Some might say, this is too early to suggest that Vijay Devarakonda market as fallen but the truth is in front of your eyes in the form of numbers.

When we can say that Mahesh Babu needs a film that is on par with Bharat Ane Nenu again for him to bring profits to distributors in USA, then that is what his market range is in the territory.

Similarly, when your lowest is set to 760k in the span of two years and when it took 8 years to become that successful, it is hard to see the lowest benchmark slide from 340k to 250k in just span of a year. You expect more sustainability from a "star" than that, especially, when it is the real market place that made you in first place!
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