Arms Amendment Bill-2019 Gets Approved In Lok Sabha

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In a much success to the BJP, the Lok Sabha has approved the Arms Amendment Bill-2019 which states a maximum punishment of life imprisonment will be imposed for those who manufacture and carry illegal arms.

The Bill which was piloted by the Union Home Minister Amit Shah also states those who use firearms in a rash and negligent way in celebratory gunfire which endangers the human life and personal safety of others will be subjected to the punishment of two years of imprisonment or a fine which might extend to one lakh or with both.

Amit Shah said the bill will allow a special status to a sportsperson who requires firearms and ammunition during the practice to participate in the tournaments.

"They (sportspersons) will be entitled to get licenses for different types of firearms," Shah added. Under the proposed provision, a person can have a maximum of two firearms, as against the present norm of three, he added. "Many suggestions came including keeping two firearms by individuals. I have moved an official amendment in this regard also," Shah said.

"There were many discrepancies in the six-decade-old law-making crime control difficult," he added.
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