Arjun Reddy actor revealed a shocking secret!

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Childhood trauma is hard to get over with. People pine on what happened for years to seek justice and find the truth behind why something, so horrible happened to them.

Some find answers but many end up having to carry on life with the trauma. They try to come up with shields to support themselves from the pain that the incident inflicts.

Rahul Ramakrishna stunned everyone by revealing that he was raped during his childhood. In a series of tweets, he revealed following things,

"I was raped during childhood.
I don’t know what else to say about my grief, except for this, because this is what I seek to know about myself."

"Everything hurts."

"I  live with the crime perpetrated upon me. There is never justice. Only momentary relief.
Teach your men to be nice.
Be brave and break societal conditioning. Be nice."

Well, no one can deny the gravity of the situation that he would have felt at a very young age and the trauma might have cracked his personality so much that at times his outspokenness seems too deliberate.

All we can do is, learn from his confession and be sure that such incidents don't rob a child off his/her naive and tender dream that childhood is.
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