Are You The Prime Minister Of India Or The Ambassador Of Pakistan

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Mamata Banerjee slams PM Modi at an anti CAA rally in Siliguri on Friday. Mamata Banerjee asks PM Modi, why did PM Modi always compare India with Pakistan, is PM Modi a Brand Ambassador of Pakistan, why did he refer to Pakistan every issue.

Mamata Banerjee also clammed BJP leaders saying that they created confusion over CAA and NCR and she said that the protests will continue till the bill is cancelled. Mamata Banerjee also said that its a shame that even after 70 years, we have to prove our citizenship.   

Earlier she said that there will be no detention centre in the state as long as she lives and no one can snatch our rights.  

Addressing a rally in support of the Citizenship Act on Friday, Amit Shah said even if all the parties come together, BJP will not take back a single inch of Citizenship.


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