Are T Ministers Unhappy With KCR's Handling Of RTC Strike?

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Normally, KCR is his ebullient self while addressing press conferences. He quips, uses wit and sarcasm to drive home his point. Another unique feather is he is never alone while addressing pressers. He is accompanied by some associates. They could be party functionaries or ministers. When he tackles tough questions and gives great answers, his associates nod and grimace approvingly. When a punchline is delivered, they laugh loudly.

But the press conference on Saturday on the RTC strike was different. KCR himself did not resort to wit and sarcasm. There was anger and aggression in his voice and his delivery of words was icy cold. He remained sullen all through. What was more bizarre was the reaction from his associates. Ministers Satyavathi Rathod, Etela Rajender and transport minister Ajay Puvvada were present at the pressers. They rarely smiled during the press conference. They were sullen and silent. It was clear that they were deeply unhappy at the way the RTC issue was being dealt with. Except Ajay, the other ministers did not say word. Only Ajay tried to provide the CM with some inputs.

The way the press conference went showed that KCR was almost alone on the issue of the RTC strike. The body language of the ministers showed that the ministers were unhappy at the way things were happening.
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