Are Siddhu's days numbered in Karnataka?

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Is it the end of the road for Congress strongman Siddaramaiah in Karnataka? The party high command in Delhi has suddenly called Siddaramaiah to Delhi to discuss the rebellion within the Congress Party. This is the first time that Siddhu is meeting Sonia Gandhi after becoming the leader of the Opposition in Karnataka. There are rumours that Sonia Gandhi wanted him to take along everyone to ensure that the party remains united. Though Siddhu is putting on a brave front by saying that the party leadership has called him to discuss about the upcoming bypolls many in the party say that the party is alarmed by the resignation of Rajya Sabha MP KC Rammurthy and former MLA Anil Lad. Both are set to join the BJP.

Congress party's alliance with the Janata Dal Secular has failed and both Kumaraswamy and the JDS are blaming Siddhu's 'unreasonable attitude' for the breakup and the mass resignation of the MLAs. Not just that even Congress MLAs are blaming his ambition and high-handed attitude for their defections into the BJP. Many of his old friends are saying that they were leaving the Congress only because of Siddhu's behaviour.

Interestingly, despite many complaints, the Congress High Command has always backed Siddhu in Karnataka. But, this time around, with the BJP on the upswing and the Congress fortunes on the downward spiral, the high command appears worried. It wants to ensure that the party puts up a decently good show in the upcoming bypolls.
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