Are Officials Trying To Defame YSRCP Government?

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Is the bureaucracy and administration trying to defame AP Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and his government through their mindless actions? It appears so as some of the hasty decisions taken by the officials are bringing disrepute to YS Jagan Mohan Reddy Government.

The latest such instance is cancellation of the ration cards of the Aasha Workers. The Government has increased the salaries of the Aasha workers. As their annual income has gone up, the ration cards of the officials have been cancelled. Due to this, several Aasha workers have been put to great difficulty.  Not just Aasha workers, but even village Talaris, panchayat staff and others have been deprived of these PDS benefits.

Though the officials have rectified their mistake in some cases, the damage was already done by that time. The Opposition, which is waiting for an opportunity to snipe at YS Jaganis using this to its advantage. Getting back a cancelled ration card is a very difficult task and one has to do rounds of various offices for it. The officials in such cases are taking decisions without consulting the concerned ministers. Isn't it time that the Government take a call on this? Is it not important to ensure that the beneficiaries do not feel the pinch of the austerity measures?

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