Are NGK's Pre-Release Figures Are Fake?

Tamil star hero Suriya is coming up with his new film NGK, which is releasing this Friday. But, Suriya doesn't have the market in Telugu states he used to have a few years ago. His last successful venture here was the Singham series. Apart from those films, none of his other movies has clicked here.

Hence, there is a heavy discussion going on regarding the pre-release business of NGK. It was reported that the rights were sold to KK Radhamohan for Rs. 9 crores. But few sources claim it as false reports and stated that it would be not more than Rs. 5 crores, considering the present market value of Suriya. They also added that these days the rights are being sold by predicting the total run shares.

But the film clicks, Suriya has a capacity of gaining more than 15 to 20 crores shares at the box office. Anyways, we have to wait for a few more days to know the fate of this film. Radhamohan also distributed Singham 3 in Telugu. When Suriya was asked whether he has any plans to do a straight Telugu film with Radhamohan, the actor said that he would do if the right script comes to him.