Anushka's Weight Loss Is A Joke?

Among several star heroines in the Tollywood film industry in the current generation, Anushka Shetty deserves a special place and mention for the work she has presented. From being a second leading lady to pull crowds to the theatres with her name, Anushka has achieved everything that a female actor is capable of. She is still one of the talented, successful and top heroines in the industry.

A few days ago, a picture of her surfaced on the internet which is said to be a trial photoshoot before she officially kick-starts the shoot for her next movie Silence, in the direction of Hemanth. Anushka who put on weight for the movie Size Zero struggled a lot to lose it, and she consumed almost three years for the same.

Whenever she makes a public appearance, the media initiates the discussion on her weight. When her new picture surfaced online, everyone praised her effort in losing the weight. She looked much fitter and got back to her usual shape.

But, it all looks fake now. Anushka made her public appearance yesterday to pay her last respects to the senior director Kodi Rama Krishna, and there is no change in her weight. The picture looked photoshopped, and she doesn’t seem to have lost any weight.

It looks like Anushka wanted to start her new movie with a positive buzz, but this public appearance gave breath to the discussion on her weight again.image.png