Anti-BJP political leaders, influencers get into Forbes 20 list!

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BJP Government in its second term is more aggressive in implementing their plans and even though they are seeing some mixed results in state elections, they are looking to consolidate power at the center to get everything back under their control.

But for their dismay, the anti-BJP political influencers are seen as the highly influential people in India, by Forbes today.

In the Forbes 20 list, Prashanth Kishore, Kanhaiya Kumar were mentioned and this will be a big problem for BJP in coming years, for sure.

Prashanth Kishore became part of Anti-BJP brigade in 2019 elections, even though he got into limelight because of his successful political strategies for Narendra Modi in 2014.

He is a close friend and associate of Bihar JDU vice president, CM Nitesh Kumar too. He worked with YSRCP in 2019 elections to record a historic win in AP Assembly Elections. He also worked with Captain Amarendra Singh in Punjab.

He is now working with AAP in Delhi and has been in touch with Mamatha Banerjee for West Bengal, elections as well. He is man behind introducing social media political promotions in India.
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