Anti-BJP Stand Led To Our Defeat: Galla Jaydev

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A lot of TDP Leaders are of the feeling that walking out of NDA in 2018 and taking Anti-BJP Stand resulted in shocking defeat for their party in 2019 Elections. Sometime ago, Sujana Chowdary claimed he advised Chandrababu Naidu not to end ties with the Saffron Party. And now, Another TDP MP is singing the same tune.

Galla Jaydev opined not having alliance with BJP for 2019 Elections costed TDP dearly. He went on to say, It's unfair to say TDP Workers didn't work as hard as they did in 2014. We assumed development done by TDP will fetch good result but YCP excelled in poll management at the grassroots. Differing with BJP led to our defeat. YCP got benefitted by maintaining good relations with Modi and KCR'.

Looks like, TDP Leaders are preparing the ground for alliance with BJP at least during 2024 Elections. They knew Telugu Desam never won any election contesting without alliance. Is BJP ready for the patch-up?

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