Another Headache For Congress Leadership

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After a brief ceasefire, the war of words between Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath and his arch rival within the party Jyotiraditya Scindia has begun all over again. Scindia, who wanted the PCC chief post and failed to get it, is upset with Kamal Nath, who, he feels, has blocked his chances.

Now both the leaders are sparring over the implementation of the assurances made in the election manifesto of the Congress at the time of the elections in 2018. Scindia recently said that he would fight for the implementation of the poll promises and said he would be in the forefront of any agitation on the subject. He also told the guest lecturers in the state that he would fight in support of their demands for regularisation of the service.

This has left Kamal Nath fuming and fretting. He is upset that Scindia is fomenting disaffection in the party. He feels that Scindia is actually making the party and the government unpopular by his comments. He said that the manifesto is meant to be implemented in five years and not five months.  He said he would implement all the assurances the party had given but has a time frame for doing them.  The growing chasm between two of the most important and charismatic leaders in MP is proving to be a headache for the high command, which is finding itself powerless against two regional leaders who have local base.
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