Another Blow To TDP?

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Every party has some constituencies where it holds a stronghold. If we look at the TDP party after Hindupur, the Icchapuram constituency is one that it stands very strong. Looking at history, TDP won the constituency for 7 out of 8 elections from 1983. Once it lost there when Congress won the seat in 2004.

According to some media reports, it has been reported that Dr. Bendalam Ashok who won the constituency two times is a dilemma to join which party. It has been widely reported that he is in talks with both the YSRCP and BJP parties.

Interestingly, the BJP party which is trying to get stronger in the southern states is inviting Ashok and assuring him that he will be given good identity and importance in the party reportedly. He is not able to decide which party to join.

If he joins in YSRCP he has to resign from his MLA seat and go to by-polls according to Jagan’s rule. He is fearing that he might not win the seat again. If he joins the BJP party, there is a doubt whether the party can succeed in the state or not. If this comes true this will be another blow to the TDP party.