Anjali Denies Being In Any Relationship Before!

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The news about Anjali and Jai, after Journey became huge as the actress and actor decided to not hide their relationship. They maintained it as close friendship but many reports suggested it is more than that.

Even they participated in a Dosa challenge that gave everyone the idea that the rumours are true and they are living together.

But the actor denied and said that they did it as a part of promoting their film then and they both are friends.

Later, Anjali said that she has no friends and she wants to concentrate more on her work only. She did not even talk about Jai and even the actor did not talk about Anjali any further.

The media reports suggested they had a bitter break-up. The actress denied to being in any relationship before with any actor at Lisa event in Hyderabad.

She said, "I never said that I am in a relationship and for things I never said, I won't take any responsibility. My family read such gossips and ask me, worry about me. I don't care about them and tell them the same!"
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