I Follow Jandhyala School Of Comedy - Anil Ravipudi

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Jandhyala might not be a popular name for today's generation but when they try to search any good comedy bits in Telugu Cinema in past 40 years, they will hear his name more often.

Such is the impact he created with his humour. Right from Adavi Ramudu to his last film, Vichitram in 1999, he made sure that his dialogues were simple, colloquial and laced with comical sense.

He created different characters on screen, whose daily behaviour itself was enough to make us roll on floor laugh out loud whenever we see them.

His school of comedy was slightly altered to more mass and adult by EVV Satyanarayana in 90's and Trivikram Srinivas brought back dry family humour of Jandhyala adding satire to it.

Srinu Vaitla took the satire to next level and Telugu comedy needs a rehash as it seems to have become slightly stale. Anil Ravipudi is trying for that.

Even though Jabardasth, Paatas kind off shows are ruling the roost due to comedy, they follow mostly one pattern that is set by seniors. But Anil has his own signature in comedy.

He stated in his recent interview that he loves to give comedy touch to the characters, he writes. He said, "Jandhyala garu brought humour to the forefront in films which was treated as a separate entity and he made every character have a signature characteristic. I am a fan that Body language humour and I follow it as his disciple!"

He also said that Mahesh liked his comic approach and hence he got the go ahead quickly to make a film with the star. He thanked Vijayashanthi for choosing his film to make a comeback on screen.
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