Anil Only Partly Succeeds In Handling A Big Star!

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It is tough to deal with a star hero and we are not talking about the person. We are talking about dealing with their image, fans and all other things. In the middle of satisfying all these elements, you have to make a good film which is not an easy task. Many talented directors falter which handling a big hero and Anil Ravipudi is in the same situation now.

For the first time in his career, Anil handled a star hero Mahesh Babu's level. He partly succeeded but he disappointed the audience in some aspects. The major complaint in all his films is the below-par second half. The same thing happened for 'Sarileru Neekevvaru' too and the unconventional climax did not help the film. People are commenting that the film would have reached another level if the climax would have been powerful. Also, the train episode didn't entertain as expected.

Nonetheless, Anil succeeded in showing the mass side Mahesh and even made him dance supremely which pleased his fans. But his second-half affected the film badly and Anil ended up just with average marks. There are a few who say that he may not get star hero films as expected. As he is already planning 'F3', he might get offers from the stars if it succeeds. We have to wait and see Anil tries to correct his second-half weakness this time at least or not.
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