Anil Kumar Yadav faces the wrath of Construction Workers

It has been reported that construction workers who are frustrated with the sand scarcity have stopped Minister Anil Kumar Yadav. With these alleged sand issues, many construction workers have lost their livelihood and within a span of one week, 6 workers have committed suicide.

Going into the details, MP Anil Kumar Yadav, who represents Nellore visited Nellore Town. The construction workers who came to know about his visit went there and stopped him and questioned him about the sand scarcity reportedly.

Reportedly, the Minister listened to all their questions and assured them that their government will sort pout the issues as soon as possible. He explained to the workers about the situation that, due to heavy rains, all the rivers and lakes are filled with water and due to this they are unable to provide the sand.

'CM Jagan is preparing a new policy to eradicate sand mafia in AP and with this sand will be available free to poor and middle-class people,' said Anil Kumar Yadav. The workers explained the problems they face with the scarcity of sand.