Gandhi Gurinchi Manakenduku?: AP Minister

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Andhra Pradesh Minister Ayyanna Patrudu embroiled in a controversy that would really embarrass Telugu Desam Party and State Government. Addressing the gathering at a meeting on Sunday, He dared to comment, 'Several Politicians keep saying Mahatma Gandhi, Abdul Kalam and NTR were our role models. Why do we need Gandhi? It has come to the stage that there is no meaning for the word 'Inspiration'. Yadlapati Venkat Rao alone can be an inspiration to all of us'.

Comments made by the AP Minister stunned all those people who attended the meeting. They wondered how could a Public Representative speak in a disrespectful manner about Father Of The Nation.

What will TDP Government say about the controversial remarks made by the Minister? Will it defend Ayyanna Patrudu and disown itself from the unacceptable comments? TDP Ministers need to be very careful with their statements ahead of the General Elections. Or else, The graph of the Ruling Party continues to drop further.

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