Andhra Pradesh Government to issue Liquor cards

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Andhra Pradesh government has taken many measures to control liquor consumption in the state. A hundred or two hundred rupees is not enough to buy liquor anymore, you must have five thousand rupees. Jagan government is now going to introduce Liquor cards.

Yes, it's true if you want to buy liquor you need to have a liquor card which costs five thousand rupees and it should be recharged. The story does not end here, now comes the twist. To buy a liquor card, you should be compleated 25 years and a medical certificate that you are fit.

Government has two benefits on liquor cards, one thing is people will think a twice to buy a card because it costs 5000 rupees and the other is government gets funds from the liquor cards. All this is currently in the proposal stage. The Chief Minister has not taken any decision on this. If the decision is made then the Liquor Cards will come into effect from January.
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