Jagan To Meet Collectors And SPs Of Sistricts For Lunch

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YS Jagan has been going out of his way to prove to people that he is a person who believes in action than just the talk.

He started various projects, cancelled some of the key decisions made by previous government showing proofs for negligence in awarding the contracts to right candidates of careful diligence.

Now, he decided to meet all collectors and SPs from 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh for lunch and discuss with each one of them, for 10 minutes at each table.

He ordered his team to arrange 13 tables for 13 districts and he will not just address them all at the same time but spend considerable amount of time, talking about each district, with each one of them.

The main of this meeting will be to know how people are responding to their program, Spandana which involves people directly discussing their complaints with concerned department officers and collectors or SPs during their visit to their village or town.

YS Jagan unlike previous government encourages a personal touch with people and he asked each collector and SP, to schedule one night stay every two weeks at different mandals and grama panchayats in their districts.

This way, he thinks the problems will be solved quickly and efficiently. But some of them are reported to be skipping this exercise and Jagan identified them, it seems. At the meeting, he will ask them directly about the reasons for not adhering to his orders, it seems.
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