More Districts To Be Added In Kurnool?

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AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy is busy fulfilling his promises made during his election campaign. One such promise is about increasing the district's count in the Rayalaseema region for better administration. It has been reported that the YSR Congress party is planning to increase the district's count from 6 to 12 which comes under Greater Rayalaseema.

Reportedly the government is planning to Kurnool district into three districts, Anantapuram district into two districts, Chittor District into three districts and YSR Kadapa District into two districts. According to the reports, there will be no changes for Nellore and Prakasham districts. The division of districts will be based upon Local population and MP, and MLA seats. By the next general assembly elections, the count of constituencies might also increase.

According to the reports, the ruling party is facing some difficulties in increasing the count of districts. They are not able to figure out whether the districts should be added before or after the rural local body elections.

If the elections take place before adding the districts, new problems might arise in the districts that were added based on the parliament constituencies. According to the reports AP authorities are working on this very keenly as the Telangana government faced many problems with the increase of the districts.

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