Andhra's GST Revenue Highest In India

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Goods & Services Tax (GST) Revenue of Andhra Pradesh for the financial year 2018-19 is the highest in the country. As much as Rs 20,746 crore was collected in AP in fiscal 2018-19. Monthly Average GST Revenue for Andhra Pradesh stood at Rs 1,728.84 crore.

AP's GST Collection was Rs 10,826 crore in the first 8 months when the Union Government introduced One Nation One Tax system in 2017-18. The State received Revenue Loss compensation of Rs 280 crore in that year. And now, A growth rate of 27.75 percent in GST Revenue was recorded. No Revenue Loss Compensation was sought by AP for the second year because it's GST Collection is much more than what it was during the base year.

Nara Lokesh projected AP attaining highest GST Revenue as the achievement of the TDP Government. How can collecting more money from the people in the form of taxes be anybody's personal achievement? Whether the Tax Payers Money was utilised properly for the public welfare or not matters the most. If TDP Government has done that, It wouldn't have faced some many corruption allegations.