Shocking Facts: AP First, Goa Last In Condom Usage!

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Buying a condom is not a taboo anymore, as per the reports the usage of condoms increased, interestingly, girls don't shy away from buying condoms and it is considered as a welcome change.

Apart from being a method of family planning for couples. Also, the live-in couples, who are love-making with mutual consent are using condoms.

According to the report published by the Department of Family Welfare, Andhra Pradesh took the first place and Goa took the last place in the usage of condoms.

According to the report, for every 10,000 couples, 1404 couples are using condoms in Andhra Pradesh, In Telangana for every 10,000 couples, 501 couples are using condoms, In capital city Delhi, 309 couples are using condoms out of 10,000 couples, the least usage of condoms, by Goa state, for every 10,000 couples 268 couples are using condoms.

The condom is a pretty splendid invention, not only it prevents disease transmission, but it also encourages a healthier sexual culture. For people who enjoy sex, condoms are here to make things safer and comfortable, they helped to reduce unwanted pregnancies. Condoms have meant safer sex practices for people.

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