Who Is That Composer Anantha Sriram Talked About?

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A video from interview of Anantha Sriram, famous lyricist is trending on social media from two days. He appeared on famous comedian Ali's talk show.

There he shared that he stopped writing lyrics for songs composed by a music director because the composer failed to look at his faith and job separately.

Explaining it further he said that he could write a ballet song about Jesus Christ when Anup Rubens asked him and for that he heard about Bible and beliefs of the person who asked him to write for hours.

But the said composer rejected to compose a tune because the song had a Hindu God name in the lyrics. He expanded that the director couldn't find a good tune and hence, asked for lyrics beforehand.

As the composer couldn't keep his profession different from faith, Anantha Sriram refused to work with him later.

He did not reveal the name and said that if the revelation can hurt the composer's career, he doesn't want to do that.

Now, many names are going around the Telugu Industry, who could that composer be and we believe it could be someone from Tamil Industry. Tell us, if you sure about the person.

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