Photo Story: Anantapur Girl's Ravishing Avatar!

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Priyanka Jaywalker made a successful debut with 'Taxiwala'. In her launch pad, She had mostly appeared in modern outfits and hence movie buffs got to see only one side of her. And now, The Anantapur Hottie decided to show her another angle.

She looked ravishing in her latest Instagram post which was captioned, 'Nothing..Just crossing the road'. When was the last time an Actress draped in a saree looked so sexy? Filmmakers need to focus on this dimension in Priyanka Jawalker. She has got the voluptuous figure to make the men go weak at their knees.

'Disco Raja' starring Raviteja is the upcoming flick of Priyanka Jawalker. Let's see what more could she offer in the second outing..!
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