Anand Devarakonda To Soon Start His Next!

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Vijay Devarakonda's younger brother decided to become an actor and even his brother couldn't stop his decision. Vijay openly said that he did not like it and did not encourage it but Dorasani, Anand's first film released.

It became a disaster and many thought he may not try again. But the actor wants to continue with another film.

An young director, Vinod will be directing this new film with Bhavya Creations Anand Prasad as the producer. Previously, he produced films like Loukhyam, Soukhyam, Paisa Vasool and he started his next with Nithiin, Chandrasekhar Yeleti.

Nithiin's film is in pre-production and the shoot will start parallelly with Rang De. Vinod has come up with a very modern and trendy love story for Anand, it seems.

This will be a medium budget film but high on concept, it seems. Dorasani got amazing buzz but the movie couldn't find a sustainable positive word of mouth from audiences.

Anand got trolled by netizens like no other actor in recent times, but he seems to be determined to prove himself as an actor. Let's see what second film holds for him.