Amitabh Bachchan is Bed-ridden and fans pray for his recovery

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Amitabh Bachchan is not any dire health problem but he is bed-ridden from few days and will be in observation for few more days to see that he recovers from his health issues.

He suffered accidents during filming of his classics Don, Lawaaris and had a telling severe blow to intestine during Cooli shoot.

They have been recurring problems for the 75 year old actor and Big B, has been active despite such issues from past 30 years as an actor.

He expressed his discomfort in delaying things and events that he is expected to attend and apologised to fans for not showing up at Kolkata Film Festival, recently.

He shared the image of him wearing socks and sleeping on his bed with TV on. He wrote a Big blog post expressing his displeasure in disappointing his fans.

But his fans asked the legendary actor to take care of his health and even posted pictures of them praying to God for his speedy recovery. We too wish the great man, all the luck in recovering from the health issues soon.
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