Amit Shah To Step Down As Party President?

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Amit Shah continued to be the National President of the BJP party even after becoming the Central Home Minister. Giving two key posts to a person will raise debate in any party. But it's not the case with BJP. No one dares to go against the will of Prime Minister Modi and Amit Shah. Reportedly even the senior leaders have kept their silence for not getting the higher posts.

According to the reports, Raj Nath Singh is not happy with changing his portfolio. Many senior leaders were kept aside, citing that they have crossed the age of seventy-five years. But Amit Shah is managing both the positions simultaneously.

Even Amit Shah continues to hold both the position for the next five years, no leader from BJP dares to question this decision. For unknown reasons, Amit Shah might step down from the position of National President of BJP reportedly. It has been reported that BJP might see a new President very soon.

Not many details of the new President was revealed until now. According to the close circles, Amit Shah wants to offer his party President post to someone and focus more on serving the nation. Amit Shah handled both the positions without the other position getting suffered. Can the new BJP President run the party as efficiently as Shah? To know the answer we may have to wait for few more days.
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