Amit Shah's Shocking Comments On Ajit Pawar

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After the political crisis in Maharashtra, BJP President Amit Shah finally opened up on their failed process of forming the government. He said what’s wrong in taking support from Ajit Pawar, who is accused of scams.

He even said that their party did not go for Ajit's support, he came to the saffron party. Ajit is facing allegations of 70,000 - crore scam in irrigation works.

"We did not go to Ajit Pawar, he came to us with a letter of support. He was the leader of the House of the NCP, so only he could have given the letter of support," Amit Shah said.

Clearing the airs that, the cases against Ajit Pawar will be shut down as he extended his support he said there is no truth in such news.

"Not even a single case has been closed of Ajit Pawar. None of the cases that have been shut are linked to Ajit. This decision (of closing the cases) should not have been taken by officials at this time but it happened due to the deadline set by the court," said the BJP President.  

He also added that BJP never said to Shiv Sena on the CM post."The mandate was for Devendra Fadnavis. In the whole campaign, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and I said in almost 100 political campaigns that Devendra Fadnavis will be the Chief Minister of Maharashtra," he said.

"Why did they not challenge our promise of Fadnavis becoming the CM again, ever?" he added.

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