Weaken From Within: BJP Plan For Telangana

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The BJP seems to be in with a bigger plan to hit at the root of the ruling TRS in Telangana. Though it is employing Operation Akarsh elsewhere in Andhra Pradesh and other places, it seems to have a different formula altogether for Telangana. The plan is to weaken the TRS from within. Those who want to join the BJP are being told by no less than Amit Shah to stay put in the TRS itself and bring the party workers at various levels into the BJP. The leaders are being asked to use their influence to get influential and powerful leaders into the BJP. The leaders are being asked to get in touch with other disgruntled elements and encourage them to work for the BJP. At an opportune time, these leaders can en masse join the BJP. This will leave the TRS thoroughly demoralised and confused. The TRS leaders will begin to suspect their own cadre and worsen the things for the party. This is Amit Shah's plan for Telangana.

Recently, when former PCC chief and prominent leader of the TRS D Srinivas met Amit Shah and expressed his desire to join the BJP, he was told by Amit Shah to stay back in the TRS itself and weaken the party from inside. He was asked to identify leaders and workers who are interested to join the BJP and prepare them to take the plunge. DS reportedly agreed with what Amit Shah said and assured him that he would use all his contacts to weaken the TRS from inside.
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