Amit Shah's Call - One Nation, One Language!

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Union Home Minister Amit Shah stresses the need for India to have one unifying language. This stand kickstarts the debate of 'One Nation, One Language'.

Amit Shah: 'It's important for a country to have a common language which becomes its identity in the World. There might be many languages in India but it's necessary to have a common language. Hindi is the language which can keep the nation together. Every Child in the north eastern part of India will be taught Hindi'.

The Union Minister gave a call that people across the Nation need to use Hindi as a language to communicate to fulfill the 'One Nation, One Language' dream of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhai Patel.

Southern States disapproved the Draft New Educational Policy 2019 introduced few months ago. Protests were staged against it in West Bengal and Maharashtra as well. Due to the uproar, The Human Resource Development Ministry brought a revised draft later.  

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